Ph.D. in Law, Coventry University (2019- Ongoing)
M.A International Relations, Coventry University (2016-2017)

B.S.C International Law and Diplomacy, Babcock University (2011-2015)

Ciao and Welcome to my blog! Let me introduce myself. I’m a Criminology lecturer, children’s and youth rights advocate, academic coach and a content creator. My blog encompasses social justice issues, academic and career development, and lifestyle. Tobi is very adventurous and love discovering new places.

I am passionate about the welfare and security of children. This interest motivated my academic pursues, as I dream to influence policies that affect children, youth and the society. I advocate for social change such as violence against children and youth. The rights of a citizen should not be treated with levity but should be treated with gravity. I believe everyone deserves every chance to pursue their own dreams, therefore, my contents are intended to help people become the best of themselves.

Do not hesitate to chat me up, if there is any other thing you would like to know about me or to make personal enquiries.

Thank you! Grazie!! Merci!!!


Where are you from?

Tobi is a young proud Nigerian from Ogun state, born and grew up in Lagos state. I am presently living in the United Kingdom.

About your PhD?

I am currently a 4th year postgraduate research (Ph.D.) student in Law. My dissertation is Focused on Children’s rights. I have always wanted to influence the effective handling of children even as a little girl and I am grateful for how I have become interested in developing security options to manage Children rights. I believe the world will be a better place if the youngsters are being inspired/motivated to achieve their dreams. I mirror a classic example of expressing academic knowledge through community engagements and does so specifically to promote a conducive and sustainable environment for children, youth and women who have no voice in high poverty and wide gender inequality countries as Nigeria. You can find out more about my PhD journey here and also make contributions about violence against children, youths and women.

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