I love this faux coat, aside the fact that it is affordable… It is of great quality. This is an amazing compliment for a coat from Primark (YES PRIMARK).

This same design was trending at other high street fashion stores like New Look and River Island. I almost bought this coat from River Island until i decided to pop into primark to do some window shopping. To my surprise, I came across the same faux coat. I took a picture of it and went back to River Island just to compare it was the same coat I saw. To my surprise, it was the same thing. Same color, texture and fitting. As a price sensitive lady, I went back to Primark to buy the coat. To satisfy my curiosity, I went back again to RiverIsland just to compare the quality for the last time and be sure I wasn’t going for a cheaper coat that wouldn’t serve a good purpose. Guess what, the quality was fabulous and the only difference I could identify was the length, which has nothing to do with the fitting. I am not tall so I couldn’t be bothered about the length. That was how I bought the coat for 35 quid coat instead of 85 quid from River Island.

P.S Do not underestimate the fast-fashion brands.

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