“The muscles which move the lips are more numerous in man than in any other animal. One will always find as many muscles as there are positions of the lips and many more that serve to undo these positions.”

— Leonardo da Vinci

The lips is the most conspicuous part of the face, it has been described as the entrance of the passion of the heart…

Full lips,thin lips and all other shapes it comes in,differs from one and another. It shows no personality trait.

Regardless of the type of the lip or gender, it is important that the lip is properly taken care of. The care should not restricted to the dry season alone,it should be done all year round. In addition the lip does not have to be chapped or dry before it is moisturized. The Care of the lips ranges from non surgical procedures ranging from hydration,exfoliation,moisturizing among others to surgical procedures. The products of care include plant based products like water,aloevera, sugar,coconut oil,beetroot, almond oil… Huh the list is endless…( licking the lips is dangerous to them, run from it…)

Also UHA-protection  lip friendly products like avobenzone,titanium dioxide or zinc oxide lip balms, products  with hyaluronic acid  and amino acid..

  It is really important that the lips is moisturized frequently cos,it helps in the following ways

-the softness of the lips is restored, As moisturizing the lips allows tissue repair both for the top layers of the epidermis and the dermis layers of skin below.

– The natural balance of moisture in the lips are restored while appearance of fine lines and dry skin on the lips are reduced to an extent of inexistence.

-It allows stored water molecules and releases them to hydrate your lips and surrounding tissues. This can result in greater fullness for your lips.

-Since Licking your lips frequently can also result in the loss of any natural moisture and can leave your lips dry and chapped,moisturizing the lips saves it from dryness…( chapped lips are not cool)

Don’t forget no matter how rosy the lips are ,it is imperative that they are cared for…

See y’all next time.

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