Are you a lover of snacks? If yes, then the OLUOLU foods plantain chips is a GO.

My friend Mary recently introduced me to this plantain chips and I have zero regrets. At first, I was very skeptical and kept asking why she did not buy biscuits or chocolates instead of the plantain chips, but after eating the plantain chips, all I can say to her is thank you.

The first thing I love about the plantain chips is the packaging, it looks really enticing and air tight. The second thing is the chilli, this particular flavor is really spicy which I love. The third thing is the crunchiness, the fact that it is not difficult to munch on unlike some other plantain chips. I have always had a wrong perception about most plantain chips because they give me a head ache, but with the OLUOLU plantain chips, I keep asking for more. Don’t call me a foodie yet, you should try it out first and testify. However, there are different flavors depending on your preference.

Benefits of Plantain chips as a snack.

  • They help the digestive system, especially bowel movement. This is due to the high-fiber.
  • It is carbohydrate, therefore, it helps with weight management
  • They contain a high amount og vitamin C, which act as an antioxidant and helps in boosting the immune system

Kindly drop your comments about plantain chips and if you can testify to the OLUOLU plantain chips.

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