Go somewhere exciting, do something you love.

After recent events caused by the now infamous coronavirus, the city of Birmingham known for its hustle and bustle was kind of a ghost town. Some weeks after the lockdown, it was clear that a visit to Birmingham was in order. I had an amazing friend over who was new to the country and wanted to see the sights. There was no better place to start than visiting the famous bull of birminghman. I killed two birds with one stone as i wanted to go shopping. With face masks equipped and full enthusiasm, we began our march to Birmingham.

We walked down to Coventry train station, which was a 20 mins walk. Then, we hopped on the 13:47 West Midlands Trains to Birmingham and arrived at Birmingham by 14:12. It is clear that this was less than 30 mins on the train. However, there is a National express bus service to Birmingham from Coventry, which takes roughly about an hour or more to get to Birmingham. From Birmingham train station, it was a 10 minutes walk to the Grand central & Bull ring.

On getting there, it was clear that the city was returning to its former glory being the second-largest city in the United Kingdom. Stores were overflowing with crowds as chatter filled the air. With no time to spare, we rushed all the way to see the well known bull that gave the county its name, bullring. After taking in the sights, we began shopping. Selfridges was not a bad place to start, the store was huge with a lot of designers clothes, bags, shoes and so on. A queue was also formed to reduce the amount of customers inside to reduce the risk of contact. After this we went on to primark. This Primark is the world biggest Primark yet. There was more of window shopping there than actual shopping due to the crowd in the store and knowing I can always buy what I wanted from the Primark store back at Coventry. We finally settled at River Island to get a nude shoe. These shoes actually looked fabulous, my love for nudes cannot be underestimated.

At some point, we wanted to sit out and eat but every restaurant seemed too busy and occupied. So, we only got some snacks such as dark chocolate and yogurt. Few minutes after, we were very hungry and exhausted due to the walk and sight seeing. Therefore, we decided to buy K.F.C family box meal but this was a take out meal which we ate on the train back to Coventry. I am proud to let you know that my love for K.F.C is 101% (L.O.L).

Looking at the time, it was clear that it was time to start heading back to Coventry. All in alI, it was a fun time. I am looking forward to visiting the library of Birmingham, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

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Have fun and see you on my next post.


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