House of Clarivonne is a female founded business and a UK based store. I have discovered 1001 reasons to shop from HOFCY but I would not bore you with everything. The next thing you will expect to read are the reasons why you should not shop from HOFCY. Therefore, I will be reviewing both scenarios. I want you to know that these are my honest opinions and are not said because I am an influencer for the brand.

Reasons to shop from HOFCY

  • Affordable
  • Pictures are true to size
  • Quick response and good customer services
  • Ordering process is simple
  • They is a high variety of items

Reasons not to shop from HOFCY

  • The items do not come in an executive bag, just incase you care about the packaging. However, you should note that this is a relatively new brand.
  • The delivery takes about 5-7 working days and sometimes can last longer, depending on the item chosen. However, some items are eligible for next day delivery. Tamper your expectations on delivery time and you can also contact the customer services team for further information.

Here is the HOFCY link if you will like to purchase an item.

NOTE: Use the code TOBI10 to get a 10% discount off all items.

Have a lovely day ahead and see you on my next post.


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