House of CB (Celeb Boutique) is a british affordable luxury designer clothing brand, owned by Conna Walker. The store is located in London, United Kingdom. It is a brand for only women that intends to promote feminism and make women feel sexy and powerful. They release new clothing designs every Monday.

I have purchased 3 items from HOFCB and the only problem I encountered while shopping at the store was the inability to make a choice on time. This is not because there are multiple designs I love but because I struggle to get a non revealing outfit. However, this is not a problem to a lot of people that shop from the brand .

Below are the Pros and Cons for shopping at HOFCB


  • The clothes fit amazingly, are very accurate to size and enhances the body curves.
  • The quality is great. You will be able to acknowledge the quality by the weight, texture and internal sewing.
  • Has a seductive niche. This is a Pro if you want to look really attractive and sexy.
  • Outfit fits a lot of occasions, such as dates, dinners and parties.
  • On time delivery service, most of the items are qualified for a free delivery service.
  • The gift packaging is cute as it delivered in a lovely wrapped box.


  • It is difficult to get a plus size outfit that is if you are bigger than the Large size (size 14). Outfits are mainly for slim babes.
  • It is expensive compared to high street stores.
  • Most of the outfits are not decent enough for religious activities.
  • The clothes are heavy, this is a con if you like to travel light.

Kindly drop your opinion about House of CB, especially if you have shopped from the store. This can be of help to other persons that intend to shop from HOFCB.


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