The War memorial park is a very large park situated in the southern part of Coventry. According to the Coventry city council, the part attracts around 400,000 visitors every year.

It was opened in July 1921 as a tribute to the 2,587 Coventrians who died fighting the First World War

The park has a lovely garden, sport areas, footgolf, play area and a good parking space.

I highly recommend the park. Kindly click on this link to watch a quick video of me at the park https://www.instagram.com/p/CC8jPcFHPM3/ .

Thanks for stopping by and do have a lovely day ahead.

This was my second visit to the park. I went with two of my friends and we had an amazing picnic. The only thing I had problems with were the dogs coming around to play around us. This is because I am not a pet lover. A lot of people bring their dogs to the park and if that is a concern for you, it should be noted. Although that should not be a deterrent to going as the park has such a large land space that it should not matter

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