Scarf is a versatile fashion accessory that can be used as several things by both men and women. It can be tied around the head, neck or waist. I realised how boring my suit was and I tried out different ways to bring life to my plain outfit. Adding a scarf to your outfit is really fun, classy and distinct. While growing up, I believed scarfs were for religious reasons until I learnt that they can be for sun protection, fashion, warmth of head or neck, and so on. They are different textures/materials of a scarf such as linen, wool, cotton or silk, however, I am wearing a silky scarf in the picture above.

There are several ways to style a scarf especially in a corporate environment

  • Knot if round your neck like a necklace.
  • Cowl way, that is placing it round your neck in a way that one side is shorter or longer than the other side.
  • Like a choker around the neck.
  • Tied as a bow on the head.
  • As an accessory on the blazer or camisole. Refer to the picture above.

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