Sending money abroad is one thing a lot of people have difficulties with, especially people that have recently travelled/migrated to a different country. I can testify to a situation where I had difficulties sending money to Nigeria from the United Kingdom, this is not because there was/are no means of sending money as we have bank transfers method, western union and the likes but I wanted something faster, comfortable and cheaper.

BOOM!!! I came across Azimo. It is an online transfer platform which is super awesome, I transfer money abroad for a fee of 0.55 pence and the recipients receive the money as fast as 2 minutes after the transfer. However, this may take longer depending on the recipient’s bank.

Note that Azimo offers a free transfer fee for the first two transfers made and there are more than 200 countries you can send money to.

I highly recommend using the platform for your transfer. Here is a link to the website for United Kingdom users click and this is the link for Europe users click. I do disclose that when you register through this link, I get a certain commission. However, my review about Azimo is real with no hidden story and no external input. I have been a customer fro more than 2 years and it has been great.

If you are already a user of Azimo, feel free to drop your thoughts about the platform. If you are going to be a new user, I do hope you enjoy the service.

Do have a lovely day xoxo…

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