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Hi there! Have you observed that whenever you are trying to do something for the first time – something as routine as trying to tie your shoelace, walking for the first time or other things like starting out on a new project, learning a new skill, starting a new business and so on- there are four stages that you go through. These stages are also called the four levels of competences and they apply consciously or unconsciously.


The first stage is the stage of UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE. At this stage, you are not even aware that the skill you are trying to learn or the activity you are trying to do exists. You don’t know anything about it yet.

The next stage is the stage of CONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE. At this stage, you are now aware that the skill you are trying to learn exists but you still have not mastered it yet. Here, you only suddenly realize that there is indeed something you do not know or something that you have not mastered.


At the next stage which is called the stage of CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE, you have submitted yourself to the demands of learning that skill and you are beginning to get familiar with it. The draw back however is that you still require a lot of time and attention to operate the skill or to do the activity.

The final stage is the stage of UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE. At this stage, you have attained mastery and you do the activity without conscious thought. It does not take you so much time and attention, compared to what it took you before, to get the activity done.


Sometimes, the transition through the four stages may feel like a demanding process but you just have to stick it out. Do not forget that in the race between the stream and the rock, the stream wins not because of strength but because of persistence.


Visiting new places is something I am always excited about. However, there are limitations to where I/we can visit. This is either due to financial reason or others. Here are 5 places that I would love to visit, they are all unique and I hope one or two or all of them is/are also place(s) you would love to visit.


Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I am fascinated about the heritage and tradition of Dubai. The lifestyle is definitely something I would love to experience, especially the shopping aspect. The world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa) is an attraction I would love to see and take pictures of. Other places I would love to visit in Dubai are: the Nemo Watersports, Oasis Adventures and Sonara Camp, and Dubai Aquarium &Underwater zoo.

Bangkok, Thailand

An ancient Asian city. Bangkok is the most populous city and capital of Thailand. The museums and architecture are places I will be looking forward to seeing. I love heritage places such as Jim Thompson House. The floating markets is captivating as I have never had an experience of that before. Other things I would love to do are: buy the traditional clothes and take pictures with them, visit the roof top bars, and lastly, order some traditional food especially Thai-style stir-fried noodles.

Venice, Italy

It is dreamy and romantic. It is also called floating city because of the fact that the city of Venice consists of 118 small islands connected by several bridges and canals. I would love to go on the canal tour to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It would be amazing to be here with a spouse or partner and order a classic cocktails such as Bellini.


I have always loved Seychelles, the serenity is astonishing. The island is a living natural history museum and I would love to visit Vallee de Mai National Park, the forest walk and definitely eat in this lovely environment. One scary thing I would love to do is diving and hopefully I don’t get to scream out the name ‘Jesus’ or my parent names.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea. I’d love to go hiking, visit the famous red beach, go to eros beach, buy some sea food and fresh fish.

It would be great to hear your opinion. Kindly let us know your thoughts about the places you would love to visit or have visited. This will help me and readers to decide on places to visit or enlighten us more.



Stratford is beautiful and is a truly colourful town. It is in the county of Warwickshire, England.

My friend, Ben, and I drove down to Stratford-upon-Avon because we wanted to visit Shakespeare’s house, this has been a dream of mine since I started reading Shakespeare’s books in secondary school. Williams Shakespeare’s books were one of the main books we used in literature. I loved his plays but the books were usually difficult to comprehend (L.O.L). My favorite play was HAMLET but he is most known for his play, ROMEO & JULIET.

Anyways I digress.

We got into the town around 3:15 pm and we were a little bit confused on where to visit first. We couldn’t decide on which activity to commence with between riding a boat, having a picnic, feeding the ducks, visiting to the town center or visiting Shakespeare’s birthplace. Unfortunately, we discovered that Shakespeare center closes at 5pm, therefore we had to rush down there. On getting there, we couldn’t go inside as we were told we needed to book a visiting slot in advance through the website. We were left with no choice than to take pictures by his statue and also in front of Shakespeare’s birthplace and around the beautiful town center.

After that phase, it was time for the boat cruise which I anticipated because I have really never been on a boat in England. Annoyingly, there was a very long queue to get on the boat. We were hungry, thirsty and impatient. Therefore, we decided to have our picnic. We came prepared with our bottle of wine, fruits, food, dessert and flowers to make our picnic look beautiful. The picnic was set up beside the river. It was amazing because I have never had such an experience in the UK. We got a lot of comments about how beautiful our picnic arrangement was and if they were to give a prize for the best picnic at the park, they would have given it to us.

After the picnic, I fed the ducks and watched people pass by on boats.

After eating so much, we were filled up and became lazy to go on the boat cruise. We decided to take a walk around the town for better sightseeing.

I am upset with myself for just discovering how beautiful Stratford-upon-Avon is and all thanks goes to my friend Ben, for informing of it.

On my next visit to Stratford-upon-Avon, I plan to do the following:

  • visit the RSC theatre
  • Visit the big wheel
  • A boat cruise on the river Avon
  • Visit Magic Alley to shop for magic products especially Harry Potter wands, broomsticks and merchandise.
  • Visit the butterfly farm, a green house full of butterflies. It is a great place for nature lovers
  • Boat dining
  • Visit the MAD Museum, a mechanical art and design exhibits
  • Visit Tudors world, interpretation of the Tudor times

If you have been to Stratford-upon-Avon, Kindly drop your opinions about the place and kindly suggest where I should visit on my next visit to Stratford.

Catch the highlights of my trip here

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After recent events caused by the now infamous coronavirus, the city of Birmingham known for its hustle and bustle was kind of a ghost town. Some weeks after the lockdown, it was clear that a visit to Birmingham was in order. I had an amazing friend over who was new to the country and wanted to see the sights. There was no better place to start than visiting the famous bull of birminghman. I killed two birds with one stone as i wanted to go shopping. With face masks equipped and full enthusiasm, we began our march to Birmingham.

We walked down to Coventry train station, which was a 20 mins walk. Then, we hopped on the 13:47 West Midlands Trains to Birmingham and arrived at Birmingham by 14:12. It is clear that this was less than 30 mins on the train. However, there is a National express bus service to Birmingham from Coventry, which takes roughly about an hour or more to get to Birmingham. From Birmingham train station, it was a 10 minutes walk to the Grand central & Bull ring.

On getting there, it was clear that the city was returning to its former glory being the second-largest city in the United Kingdom. Stores were overflowing with crowds as chatter filled the air. With no time to spare, we rushed all the way to see the well known bull that gave the county its name, bullring. After taking in the sights, we began shopping. Selfridges was not a bad place to start, the store was huge with a lot of designers clothes, bags, shoes and so on. A queue was also formed to reduce the amount of customers inside to reduce the risk of contact. After this we went on to primark. This Primark is the world biggest Primark yet. There was more of window shopping there than actual shopping due to the crowd in the store and knowing I can always buy what I wanted from the Primark store back at Coventry. We finally settled at River Island to get a nude shoe. These shoes actually looked fabulous, my love for nudes cannot be underestimated.

At some point, we wanted to sit out and eat but every restaurant seemed too busy and occupied. So, we only got some snacks such as dark chocolate and yogurt. Few minutes after, we were very hungry and exhausted due to the walk and sight seeing. Therefore, we decided to buy K.F.C family box meal but this was a take out meal which we ate on the train back to Coventry. I am proud to let you know that my love for K.F.C is 101% (L.O.L).

Looking at the time, it was clear that it was time to start heading back to Coventry. All in alI, it was a fun time. I am looking forward to visiting the library of Birmingham, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

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Are you a lover of snacks? If yes, then the OLUOLU foods plantain chips is a GO. My friend Mary recently introduced me to this plantain chips and I have zero regrets. At first, I was very skeptical and kept asking why she did not buy biscuits or chocolates instead of the plantain chips, but […]


Starting a Ph.D. was a dream come through for me. While growing up, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do career-wise but I knew I wanted to do things that seem impossible to the feeble mind. I wanted to enage in mind boggling activities within the social sciences and understand how variable related […]


“The muscles which move the lips are more numerous in man than in any other animal. One will always find as many muscles as there are positions of the lips and many more that serve to undo these positions.” — Leonardo da Vinci The lips is the most conspicuous part of the face, it has been […]


Are you a lover of snacks? If yes, then the OLUOLU foods plantain chips is a GO.

My friend Mary recently introduced me to this plantain chips and I have zero regrets. At first, I was very skeptical and kept asking why she did not buy biscuits or chocolates instead of the plantain chips, but after eating the plantain chips, all I can say to her is thank you.

The first thing I love about the plantain chips is the packaging, it looks really enticing and air tight. The second thing is the chilli, this particular flavor is really spicy which I love. The third thing is the crunchiness, the fact that it is not difficult to munch on unlike some other plantain chips. I have always had a wrong perception about most plantain chips because they give me a head ache, but with the OLUOLU plantain chips, I keep asking for more. Don’t call me a foodie yet, you should try it out first and testify. However, there are different flavors depending on your preference.

Benefits of Plantain chips as a snack.

  • They help the digestive system, especially bowel movement. This is due to the high-fiber.
  • It is carbohydrate, therefore, it helps with weight management
  • They contain a high amount og vitamin C, which act as an antioxidant and helps in boosting the immune system

Kindly drop your comments about plantain chips and if you can testify to the OLUOLU plantain chips.

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“The muscles which move the lips are more numerous in man than in any other animal. One will always find as many muscles as there are positions of the lips and many more that serve to undo these positions.”

— Leonardo da Vinci

The lips is the most conspicuous part of the face, it has been described as the entrance of the passion of the heart…

Full lips,thin lips and all other shapes it comes in,differs from one and another. It shows no personality trait.

Regardless of the type of the lip or gender, it is important that the lip is properly taken care of. The care should not restricted to the dry season alone,it should be done all year round. In addition the lip does not have to be chapped or dry before it is moisturized. The Care of the lips ranges from non surgical procedures ranging from hydration,exfoliation,moisturizing among others to surgical procedures. The products of care include plant based products like water,aloevera, sugar,coconut oil,beetroot, almond oil… Huh the list is endless…( licking the lips is dangerous to them, run from it…)

Also UHA-protection  lip friendly products like avobenzone,titanium dioxide or zinc oxide lip balms, products  with hyaluronic acid  and amino acid..

  It is really important that the lips is moisturized frequently cos,it helps in the following ways

-the softness of the lips is restored, As moisturizing the lips allows tissue repair both for the top layers of the epidermis and the dermis layers of skin below.

– The natural balance of moisture in the lips are restored while appearance of fine lines and dry skin on the lips are reduced to an extent of inexistence.

-It allows stored water molecules and releases them to hydrate your lips and surrounding tissues. This can result in greater fullness for your lips.

-Since Licking your lips frequently can also result in the loss of any natural moisture and can leave your lips dry and chapped,moisturizing the lips saves it from dryness…( chapped lips are not cool)

Don’t forget no matter how rosy the lips are ,it is imperative that they are cared for…

See y’all next time.


I love this faux coat, aside the fact that it is affordable… It is of great quality. This is an amazing compliment for a coat from Primark (YES PRIMARK).

This same design was trending at other high street fashion stores like New Look and River Island. I almost bought this coat from River Island until i decided to pop into primark to do some window shopping. To my surprise, I came across the same faux coat. I took a picture of it and went back to River Island just to compare it was the same coat I saw. To my surprise, it was the same thing. Same color, texture and fitting. As a price sensitive lady, I went back to Primark to buy the coat. To satisfy my curiosity, I went back again to RiverIsland just to compare the quality for the last time and be sure I wasn’t going for a cheaper coat that wouldn’t serve a good purpose. Guess what, the quality was fabulous and the only difference I could identify was the length, which has nothing to do with the fitting. I am not tall so I couldn’t be bothered about the length. That was how I bought the coat for 35 quid coat instead of 85 quid from River Island.

P.S Do not underestimate the fast-fashion brands.